1. What is the Autodesk Legacy Program?
The Autodesk® Legacy Program provides customers who own valid licenses of select retired Autodesk® software the opportunity to purchase discounted, new licenses of current Autodesk products.
2. What is the current discount Autodesk is offering to Legacy customers?
Under the Autodesk Legacy program, customers with AutoCAD R14 through 2006-based software licenses have the opportunity to purchase new licenses of current Autodesk products at a 40% discount off the Suggested Retail Price when purchased with Autodesk Subscription. Autodesk® Subscription is required at time of Legacy purchase.
3. Who is eligible to participate in the Autodesk Legacy Program?
U.S., Canadian, and Latin American commercial customers who own a valid license of select, retired Autodesk software that was not upgraded before their respective, publicly announced retirement dates are eligible for this program. Government customers in the United States and Canada may also participate in the Autodesk Legacy Program. The Autodesk Legacy Program is no longer available to education customers.
4. Are AutoCAD® LT customers able to participate in the Autodesk Legacy Program?
Customers owning AutoCAD LT licenses cannot participate in this offer.
5. Which Autodesk products are eligible for the Autodesk Legacy Program?
Valid licenses based on AutoCAD R14 through 2006 licenses, Autodesk Inventor® 3, 4 and 5; Autodesk Inventor® Series 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10; Autodesk® 3ds Max® 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, Autodesk® VIZ 2, 3, 3i, 4, 2005, and 2006, and Autodesk® Maya Unlimited 7.0.1 and 8 software products may be eligible to participate. This is not a complete list. Please contact us at 866.465.3848 or at sales@ketiv.com to find out if the product you are using is eligible.
6. Am I eligible to “upgrade” my retired software?
Legacy seats are not upgrades or crossgrades from retired products, but are discounted new seats. Upgrades or crossgrades from retired products are not available for purchase from Autodesk after the retirement of that product. As with upgrades and crossgrades, Legacy Program transactions require a valid serial number from the retired product for each new seat purchased.
7. Are both network and standalone deployment available for Legacy purchases?
Yes, if you require a network deployment for the new seats, then the network license, rather than the standalone license, should be purchased. Legacy customers are not grandfathered into the deployment of their retired product.
8. Is Autodesk Subscription required to purchase through the Autodesk Legacy Program?
Yes, Autodesk Subscription is required on all Legacy Program purchases. Subscription holders receive benefits including incremental product enhancements, personalized web support and self-paced training options with one annual fee.
9. Are there any other requirements to participate in the Autodesk Legacy Program?
No. Other than the purchase of Autodesk Subscription, and providing a valid serial number for the qualifying products in an amount equivalent to the number of new discounted seats a customer wants to purchase under this program, there are no additional requirements.
10. How can I get more information on the Autodesk Legacy Program?
For more information please contact us at 866.465.3848 or at sales@ketiv.com.