Customer Success Stories

The relationships we enjoy with our customers are mutually beneficial. Many are leaders in efforts to improve technology to better our world. Working in different ways—in very different fields—they all rely on KETIV and our technology solutions to pioneer approaches that thrive on the very edge of innovation.

Take a look at how KETIV has enabled creative people to visualize their ideas before they’re real through digital prototyping.

Entelechy Corp.

“KETIV is there for us. I don’t see how any company can take on something like this without a good support team.”

Entelechy evalutes how curtain walls in a building will perform using Autodesk Inventor®, AEC Exchange, and Autodesk® Revit® Architecture software.

“Working in 2D, people would get in the way of each other,” explained Entelechy president Stan Gibbons. “Problems would arise from interference between the building design and the manufacturer’s components. And because each is using his or her own software, there’s been a real disconnect between the architect’s drawings and the manufacturer’s drawings.”

Stan estimates that he will reduce project costs by 40% and slash 30% from material and installation costs. According to Stan, the benefits advantages of digital prototyping over 2D drawings come in many forms. In one recent case the fabrication process required several costly iterations because the installer just couldn’t visualize the material connections.

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