Customer Success Stories

The relationships we enjoy with our customers are mutually beneficial. Many are leaders in efforts to improve technology to better our world. Working in different ways—in very different fields—they all rely on KETIV and our technology solutions to pioneer approaches that thrive on the very edge of innovation.

Take a look at how KETIV has enabled creative people to visualize their ideas before they’re real through digital prototyping.

Jayco Interface Technology

“Inventor has been vital for winning new business and delivering high-quality solutions to our clients within budget.”

"Jayco designs user interface products, including membrane switches, keyboards and keypads, touch screens, and control panel assemblies with Autodesk® Inventor® software, Autodesk® Vault Manufacturing software, and Autodesk® Showcase®.

When Jayco’s clients needed creative solutions for complex tailor-made applications, the company called on KETIV to move to an all-digital development workflow. Jayco has been able to—

  • Reduce physical prototypes by 75 percent
  • Decrease overall development time by 50 percent
  • Promote early collaboration with clients
  • Deliver top-quality products within budget


“Throughout the years, KETIV has played an integral part in helping shape our strategies and how we approach our business,” says CEO Hemant Mistry. “For example, it not only provided us training and ongoing technical support, but also insights into improving our company’s design to manufacturing process.”

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