Customer Success Stories

The relationships we enjoy with our customers are mutually beneficial. Many are leaders in efforts to improve technology to better our world. Working in different ways—in very different fields—they all rely on KETIV and our technology solutions to pioneer approaches that thrive on the very edge of innovation.

Take a look at how KETIV has enabled creative people to visualize their ideas before they’re real through digital prototyping.

Spray-Tech Corporation

“Management uses Autodesk solutions for everything from quality control to marketing, extending the value of the software beyond engineering and design.”

"Spray-Tech relies on Autodesk® Inventor Professional, Autodesk® Vault, and Autodesk® Showcase® to build spray booths within specifications as precise as five thousands of an inch.

“There are seven of us that design as a team,” explained Spray-Tech president Tyler Rand. “The ability to maintain continuity in design and collaborate economically allows us to visualize our designs before we build them. We used to test ideas in real metal, only to discard it for the next iteration.”

KETIV works with Mr. Rand and his team to fully exploit the power of the software. They are now performing Finite Element Analysis to assess designs for potential failures. And though skeptical at first, staff now see that Vault will not only help them better manage information, but they’ll reuse data more effectively."

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