Our History

KETIV History: 2009

KETIV refocused its resources to address difficult adjustments prompted by the global economic collapse. The year was marked by much activity within the company and throughout our client base.

The 2009 KETIV Autodesk Manufacturing Academy was well attended and the online version continues to serve the community. Well qualified staff were added to or Northern California office and plans initiated to open our Pacific Northwest operation in 2010.

If 2009 were a color it would be green. We achieved the distinction of serving nearly 90% of the startups in California participating in the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program.

KETIV History: 2008

KETIV celebrated its 25th anniversary as an Autodesk reseller in 2008.

KETIV’s San Jose office was launched in early 2008 to serve customers in Northern California. We were also authorized by Autodesk to represent the Plant Design and Alias product lines in all of our locations. Additionally, we brought on Inventor CAM to deliver an integrated manufacturing solution to Inventor users.

Our diversified portfolio of products reflects our understanding of the business and technical issues engineering companies face today. We consider it our responsibility to predict some of the challenges these companies will face and to help them prepare for them. KETIV will continue to invest in best in class resources to meet these needs.

KETIV History: 2007

Kanwar Anand and Anthony Rodriguez, long term employees, bought the company from Ken Paul in August of 2007.

The KETIV environment rewards candor, integrity, proactive behavior, and commitment to customer satisfaction. These values have contributed to our consistent and profitable growth. We believe that focused hard work and an unwavering attention to customer needs are the only means to success.

Three of KETIV’s customers were recognized by Autodesk as Inventor of the Month for innovative design and engineering advancements made using Autodesk Inventor – a source of pride to our technical and consulting teams.

KETIV established offices in Glendale CA, and Phoenix, AZ to deliver local support and services to customers in these areas.

KETIV History: 2004

Autodesk recognized KETIV as one of the first Manufacturing Premier Solutions in the US in 2004. This is a validation of KETIV’s consistency in revenue attainment and technical expertise, and the ultimate measure of customer success.

KETIV was also recognized as an Authorized Training center at the Fullerton, CA location.

KETIV History: 2000

Anthony Rodriguez, a former customer of KETIV, joined the company as an application engineer. His genuine interest in solving customer problems has earned him awards from Autodesk, and eventually led to his transitioning into a sales and management position.

KETIV History: 1988

KETIV Technologies of California was registered as an independent corporation in the state of California under complete ownership of Ken Paul, and his father, Marty Paul. KETIV, Oregon was eventually acquired by Rand Imaginit.

Kanwar Anand joined KETIV as an application engineer after completing his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from SUNY Stony Brook.

KETIV has represented Autodesk’s civil engineering product line since the early 1980’s when it was still a third party product. We pioneered the education and implementation for civil engineering firms in Southern California. A loyal customer following was built by combining technical expertise with a sincere interest in the practical application of technology.

KETIV History: 1983

KETIV was founded in the attic of Ken Paul’s house in Portland Oregon. Ken and his partner Bob Palioca were authorized as one of Autodesk’s first resellers in the country. With offices in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, KETIV quickly emerged as a trusted reseller in the Western region and KETIV-ers were respected for their intimate knowledge of AutoCAD.