On-Demand - Benefits of Simulation 101: The real cost of inaction

Simulation is necessary to make great products at a lower cost.

If your company has not seriously consider implementing Simulation into your product development process, you need to attend our next webcast.

Benefits of Simulation 101: The real cost of inaction

Join Denee Busby, KETIV Director of Simulation, and learn in 30 minutes:
  • The true cost of doing nothing – the trap of doing business as usual
  • Why simulation is crucial to your development process
  • How to approach implementing simulation
  • What are the tangible benefits of simulation
  • A successful case study – taking it to the next level with simulation
With Simulation, you can:
  • Predict performance - Gain valuable insight and reduce the risk of failure by accurately predicting how your designs will respond to ordinary and extreme use.
  • Optimize designs - Reduce costs and get innovative designs to market faster without compromising safety or performance. Prevent over-engineering and control material usage.
  • Validate design decisions - Create quality products, improve building and infrastructure designs, meet safety requirements, and avoid costly mistakes by validating critical design decisions and material choices before manufacturing or construction begins.

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