On-Demand: Autodesk's New Subscription Model - Are You Prepared?

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To make sure all of our customers concerns are met, KETIV is scheduling a special session to address the new Autodesk licensing model that will be in effect next year.

  • Stand-alone perpetual products will not be sold after January 31, 2016.
  • The sale of Design Suites perpetual licenses will end on July 31, 2016.
Join Anthony Rodriguez, Vice President of KETIV Technologies for a 30-minute webcast where he will inform and answer questions regarding Desktop Subscription. Here are the top 4 questions:
  • Can I continue to use my existing perpetual licenses?
  • Can I continue to renew Maintenance Subscription for my existing perpertual licenses?
  • Can I still purchase perpetual licenses?
  • Does Desktop Subscription offer Network Licensing?

Sign up now and get all the facts to make informed decisions about your current and future licensing needs. 

Questions? email info@ketiv.com or call 866.465.3848.

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