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Building Information Modeling for Buildings

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent model―based process

  • Creating and using a data-rich 3D model for planning, designing, building, and managing infrastructure and buildings.

Benefits of BIM for Buildings

  • Improve project understanding and decision making
  • Share and use the same consistent data across the project lifecycle
  • Respond quickly to change with processes that are smarter and faster

Autodesk® BIM solutions for building projects provide accurate, accessible, and actionable insight across the lifecycle for all stakeholders.

Autodesk® Building Design Suite is a comprehensive portfolio of building solutions supporting both BIM- and CAD-based workflows, giving architects, engineers and contractors the ability to design, simulate, visualize and construct better buildings. The Standard edition is tailored for building designers, drafters, and detailers who need a foundational set of documentation tools. The Premium edition provides an optimized set of tools to help architects, MEP engineers, and structural engineers take advantage of the power of BIM with intelligent 3D model―based design. The Ultimate edition builds on the value of the Premium edition, with additional comprehensive tools for design and construction that provide greater insight across the building lifecycle.

Why choose Autodesk® BIM solutions?

  • Advanced technology for design, visualization, simulation, and coordination
  • Comprehensive workflow solutions with interoperability to help maintain data fidelity and support greater efficiency
  • Business agility made possible with desktop, cloud, web, and mobile platforms along with cost-effective packaging to meet changing project needs


Projects are more complex

  • Requirements for efficiency and sustainability are increasing
  • Dispersed teams must coordinate on design, materials, schedules, budgets, compliance, and more
  • Clients are more aggressive on price, schedule, quality and other demands

Firms face higher expectations

  • The global recession dramatically affected the level of new construction and changed expectations for the bottom line
  • Owners and AEC service providers need to achieve more with less in order to compete and win
  • Increased mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity has resulted in consolidation of firms offering more services, and larger multidisciplinary firms

Industry must respond to change

  • Dramatic gains in construction sector productivity are needed
  • There is an explosion of new technology changing expectations of clients and providing firms with new ways to innovate and grow


Innovate with advanced technology

  • Go beyond CAD to intelligent model-based workflows
  • Engage stakeholders with web and social platforms
  • Achieve faster more accurate simulation and analysis with the virtually unlimited computer power of the cloud
  • Powerful, integrated, easy-to-use services that create intelligent 3D data from laser scans and photos
  • Use mobile solutions to apply the benefits of BIM in the field

Autodesk BIM solutions provide the foundation for significant improvements over traditional ways of working.

BIM for Building Adoption

Percentage of professions using BIM on more than 60% of their projects

  • BIM usage is increasing across the board.
  • Contractors now lead the industry in overall BIM adoption
  • 44% of owners predict they will be at very high level of BIM implementation by 2014
  • According to Pike Research, "Early adopters of BIM tools and practices can gain a significant advantage over their competitors."


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