AutoCAD Civil 3D intelligently connects design and documentation enabling you to boost productivity, deliver higher quality designs and construction documentation, improve coordination, and clearly communicate design intent to win the next job. Whether you work on land development, transportation, or environmental projects, AutoCAD Civil 3D is the right choice for your organization.

AutoCAD Civil 3D delivers the following benefits:

  • Boost Productivity—The dynamic model in Civil 3D intelligently connects design and documentation so drafting and annotation are updated automatically as changes are made. Civil 3D also includes purpose-built design and drafting tools to automate time-consuming tasks.
  • Deliver Quality Designs and Construction Documentation—With Civil 3D, what-if scenarios can be evaluated in less time allowing you to focus on developing quality designs for your client. You can also define and enforce CAD and design standards resulting in reduced errors and higher quality, more consistent construction documentation.
  • Provide Better Coordination of Design Changes—With Civil 3D, your entire team will work from the same consistent, up-to-date, dynamic model so they stay synchronized throughout all project phases. And with integrated change management and version control, local and remote team members will have parallel, controlled access to the latest model, helping you keep your projects on schedule and on budget.
  • Quickly and Clearly Communicate Design Intent—Most civil engineering projects require review and approval from various public agencies. Civil 3D provides integrated tools for developing 3D renderings to clearly communicate design intent and create winning presentations.
  • Simplify Software Needs With One Flexible Solution—Civil 3D provides the flexibility to address a broad range of project types, including transportation, land development, and environmental. It also has the depth of functionality to support the technical needs of your entire project team including civil engineers, designers, drafters, and surveyors.

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“We see the practice of working with intelligent data and dynamic objects driving the civil engineering industry. Miller Legg is making the transition to Autodesk Civil 3D now to gain a competitive advantage and to deliver better designs to our clients faster.”

Todd Nochomson
CAD Systems Manager
Miller Legg

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