Vault Basic Self Installation Kit Videos

The Autodesk®Vault family of data management software helps you keep track of all your digital design data. It securely stores and manages data in a central location, helping teams quickly create, share, and reuse Digital Prototyping information. Spend less time chasing down files and more time creating innovative designs.

Our goals:

  • Help customers use what they already have (Vault Basic)
  • Remove barriers to get started with Vault data management
  • Provide clear instructions of how to begin

After viewing the videos, and you will:

  • Understand how to get started implementing Vault Basic
  • Know how to create a working Vault Basic environment
  • Understand how to use Vault with Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD



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 Instructional Videos

Video #1
KETIV Vault Basic DIY Package
Introduction video for the process. Please view these videos in order.





Video #2
Before Installing Vault Basic
In this video you will learn what system requirements are necessary to deploy the KETIV DIY Vault.
Video #3
Installing Vault ADMS Server
This will guide you through the installation steps for Vault Basic 2015 using Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system.
Video #4
Restoring the Backup and Other ADMS Settings
The video will guide you through restoring the DIY Vault Backup into your installed Vault.  Then we will review the configuration, and user accounts in place for the DIY Vault.




Video #5
Vault Client Access and Configuration Review
This video will guide you through the Vault client configuration and navigation through the preconfigured backup that was restored





Video #6
Workflow for Inventor and KETIV DIY Vault
This video will get you started on the necessary best practice for use of Inventor within the preconfigured Vault.




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