Success Story: Poly Plant Project, Inc.

“Because the basic process design is now done entirely in AutoCAD P&ID,” said Philip, “when another opportunity comes along we can customize that design fairly easily now.”

Dan Feinberg
Customized Consulting
Poly Plant Project, Inc.

Integrated solutions for plant design and whole-project review

Plant Design Suite

3D plant design tools for the process industry

Discover plant engineering software that offers a wide array of cost-effective tools for plant design professionals to design, model, and review plant projects.

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Process engineering:

Create and manage P&IDs with AutoCAD®P&ID software.

Create and modify P&IDs in an AutoCAD environment

  • Automate design and editing tasks
  • Annotate designs based on industry-standard formats
  • Identify drawing inconsistencies

Improve coordination with other disciplines

  • Share plant designs and models
  • Export data into tables and various file formats
  • Use industry-standard P&ID symbols

Easily provide compliance documentation

  • Quickly produce instrument lists and reports
  • Connect to process data to identify equipment for monitoring
  • Integrate with monitoring databases (such as LDAR)

Piping design:

Intelligently model pipes with AutoCAD® Plant 3D.

Simplify plant design and editing

  • Quickly model piping using spec-driven technology
  • Share info between 3D models, P&IDs, and orthographics
  • Work easily with point clouds for brownfield projects

Improve consistency between P&ID and piping

  • Quickly generate materials lists and reports
  • Work via an interconnected model
  • Easily share construction documents

Minimize piping man hours

  • Check against criteria to design to spec
  • Better coordinate piping and structural design
  • Check designs for interferences

Skid and equipment design:

Inventor® model of a skid mounted pressure vessel.

Quickly create equipment specifications

  • Create and modify P&IDs more easily
  • Use Digital Prototyping for equipment and skids
  • P&IDs and 3D models share one integrated project

More easily validate design packages

  • View equipment and skids in a 3D process model
  • Optimize designs and find problems earlier with simulation
  • Better coordinate information on fast-paced projects

Produce detailed fabrication documents

  • Create and share DWG™ drawings
  • Generate documentation from digital prototypes
  • Create and manage bills of materials (BOMs)

Structural design:

Model structural components with Revit®software.

Design and analyze plant structures in 3D

  • Quickly create preliminary structural models
  • Design more efficiently with intelligent structural objects
  • Integrate design and analysis with bidirectional links

Create steel and concrete reinforcement drawings

  • Define and visualize concrete reinforcement
  • Create details with 3D model views
  • Prepare shop drawings for fabrication

Deliver more complete documentation

  • Calculate and track detailed material quantities
  • Provide more accurate engineering models
  • Automatically generate sections and elevations

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Process plant operator:

Better front-end engineering design (FEED)

  • Create and modify P&IDs faster and more accurately
  • More easily extract info from P&IDs
  • Minimize documentation errors

Improve coordination

  • Deliver more coordinated info across teams
  • Provide more complete plant engineering data
  • Minimize rework by identifying issues earlier

Design with widely used 2D and 3D CAD tools

  • Create with state-of-the-art software
  • Use AutoCAD-trained staff
  • Help attract graduates trained on Autodesk software

Engineering and consulting:

Improve design efficiency

  • Create P&IDs and equipment lists more quickly
  • Share info across process models, P&IDs, and orthographics
  • Support faster reviews with CAD renderings

Minimize rework

  • Identify issues earlier with 3D models and visuals
  • Minimize change orders
  • Fewer documentation errors

Fast-paced project support at lower cost

  • Start projects faster using AutoCAD-trained staff
  • Use tools designed for 3D plant design workflows
  • Help speed project tasks with 3D process models

Equipment suppliers:

Digitally prototype plant equipment

  • Simulate performance before manufacturing
  • Create and modify P&IDs more easily
  • Connect skid to main P&ID to display project scope

Minimize project delivery risks

  • Improve project team coordination
  • Better understand site conditions before delivery
  • More effectively identify issues before construction

Work within tight budgets and deadlines

  • Use materials efficiently
  • Minimize changes on the shop floor
  • Reuse design data for manufacturing and marketing


Virtually explore constructability

  • Determine project complexity and scope
  • Aggregate data for whole project reviews
  • Better coordinate site and workflow planning

Improve cost reliability

  • More rapidly generate material takeoffs
  • Evaluate design alternative costs
  • Help resolve conflicts before construction

Better predict project outcomes

  • Simulate schedules and logistics in 4D
  • Assess and quantify scope changes
  • Easily communicate plans to stakeholders


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