Digital Prototyping Helps Jayco Create Innovative Interface Products

Sep 14, 2009
Customer Success Story


Project Summary

Founded in 1980, California-based Jayco is a leading supplier of user interface products, including membrane switches, keyboards and keypads, touch screens, and control panel assemblies. The company is unique in both its target market and the breadth of its product offerings, which can be found almost everywhere, from remote controls for medical use to control panels for light aircraft communication devices.

When Jayco’s clients needed creative solutions for complex tailor-made applications, the company called upon the expertise of its Autodesk partner, KETIV Technologies, to move to an all-digital development workflow. Supported by Autodesk® Inventor® software, Autodesk® Vault Manufacturing software, and Autodesk® Showcase® software, Jayco has been able to:

  • Reduce physical prototypes by 75 percent
  • Decrease overall development time by 50 percent
  • Promote early collaboration with clients
  • Deliver top-quality products within budget

The Challenge

Many of Jayco’s projects include aerospace and defense applications, such as galley equipment for commercial airlines, cockpit equipment for military planes, and airplane entertainment and seat controls. Jayco has also recently developed keypad assemblies for automatic weapon laser optic sightings, Class II electronic flight bags, and hand-held GPS systems. The design of these products brought about several challenges, including the ability to meet strict reliability standards and create lightweight yet durable products.

The Solution

In tackling these challenges, Jayco’s designers used Inventor software to create a single digital model for designing, visualizing, and simulating their products before producing a physical prototype. Vault Manufacturing software helped them organize their files, avoid costly errors, and efficiently release and revise their designs. Autodesk Showcase software enabled them to render highly realistic representations of the design for presentations and making informed decisions on the digital prototypes.

“We are very excited about the capabilities of Showcase,” says Jayco CEO Hemant Mistry. “It has proven itself to be an excellent tool in obtaining approvals from our clients early in the development cycle and for illustrating our projects after fabrication.”

Another key to Jayco’s overall success is its strong partnership with KETIV Technologies. “Throughout the years, KETIV has played an integral part in helping shape our strategies and how we approach our business,” says Mistry. “For example, it not only provided us training and ongoing technical support, but also insights into improving our company’s design-to-manufacturing process.”

The Result

Mistry concludes that the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping probably decreased the company’s overall development time for each product by 50 percent. “My estimate is that we would need to go through two to four rounds of physical prototypes without Inventor,” he says. “In fact, it has been vital for winning new business and delivering high-quality solutions to our clients within budget.”

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