Digital Prototyping Helps Nearfield Systems Inc. Improve Productivity

Sep 14, 2009
Customer Success Story



Project Summary

Based in the greater Los Angeles area, Nearfield Systems Inc. (NSI) is the world leader in designing, building, and delivering high accuracy antenna measurement and test systems. These systems measure the radio frequency performance characteristics found in microwave radio antennas and satellite systems used for aerospace and defense, commercial, and automotive applications.

An ongoing challenge for NSI is customers’ demands for shorter turnaround times, so it sought a powerful 3D modeling technology and data management solution to increase production, maintain document control, and easily communicate design information. Working with its Autodesk® partner, KETIV Technologies, NSI has implemented Autodesk® Inventor® software, Autodesk® Vault Manufacturing, Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design, and Autodesk® Showcase® software to help:

  • Cut proposal preparation time by 66 percent
  • Significantly increase the number of winning bids
  • Streamline the concept-to-manufacturing process
  • Improve overall sharing and reuse of design data

The Challenge

According to Hulean Tyler, NSI project manager, customers are increasingly expecting customized solutions at mass production prices and timelines. This requires a committed technology partner to help it streamline its workflow, from idea generation to manufacturing, as well as promote early collaboration with its customers.

The Solution

When looking for the right software package, Tyler says that integration was key, and that of all the options, Inventor software provided the company the most logical technical path for transitioning to a 3D environment.

“When customers requested a proposal, it used to take us more than two weeks. Now we can complete it in around three days,” explains Tyler. “First we mine data in Vault Manufacturing, modify the data in Inventor, add animation in 3ds Max Design, and then present the models to our customers using Showcase. This has definitely helped us win technically challenging bids.”

NSI also reuses parts of its designs to increase productivity, and Autodesk Vault Manufacturing’s functionality has given its designers a huge benefit in this regard.

In terms of prototypes, Tyler explains that this phase needs to be extremely accurate because the engineers ship the actual prototypes to their customers.

“Digital Prototyping in Inventor allows us to simulate how the design will work under real-world conditions before it is ever built, which gives us a huge advantage.”

The Result

The integration of Autodesk software allows NSI to work efficiently and to provide its customers complete customized turnkey systems at a competitive price and with a technical advantage.

“Plus we benefit from KETIV’s outstanding data management and design expertise,” Tyler concludes. “The KETIV team takes interest in our technical challenges and finds answers to questions that others had been unable to address. By aligning Autodesk software to our design and manufacturing processes, they have taken us to new levels of productivity.”

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