Focus on Customer Success

May 28, 2015

Responsive, knowledgeable technical support can open the door to innovation and creativity. And when that support is proactive, the impact is even greater. Nicole Morris is our new Customer Experience Manager. Her talent, experience, and demonstrated commitment to customer service make her the ideal choice for this important position in our company.

Nicole has been with KETIV for more than 17 years. As an Application Engineer, she’s worked with hundreds of companies. Customers are loyal to Nicole and many attribute their success to the assistance she’s provided over the years. Bob Ferguson at Big J Enterprises in Albuquerque is a good example.

Bob explained that, in 2010, KETIV was his only choice to support the beta version of Plant 3D. Big J is involved with fabricating, installing, modifying, and supporting sophisticated mechanical systems in manufacturing facilities. The firm wanted to compete in the 3D arena and needed to import files into NavisWorks. They also sought better data for estimating. Nicole introduced Bob to the software in a webinar and her presentation convinced the company to purchase the software.

“We spent lots of time on the phone between our purchase and Nicole’s first onsite training,” said Bob. “Her knowledge exceeded my highest expectations. And her IT insights are exceptional.”

Continuous quality improvement company-wide.

Nicole’s new role is to oversee corporate quality service outcomes. She’ll drive the quality initiative for the entire team. Touching the work of all our people, Nicole will dig deep to analyze and understand the metrics of customer support. She’ll manage the support team to monitor and escalate issues appropriately and, using our CRM and tech support software, watch for trends and troubleshoot emerging issues.

Nicole says the big-picture goal is to build a customer service roadmap from adoption, to training, support, and nurturing. By monitoring support calls Nicole will develop new training programs to ensure that your experience is seamless.

The quickest way to success with your software is strong tech support.

We help you overcome learning curves and lack of familiarity that can slow your progress. Autodesk solutions work best when you take full advantage of their functionality. And it’s even better when you can enjoy your experience.

The first priority of the KETIV Support Services team is to empower our customers to get the very best experience from Autodesk solutions. Call in for support and you’ll probably talk with Rich Sanchez or Ankit Wadhwa first. They’re the front line of a robust corps of human resources at your disposal. Our bench strength is unparalleled, with some of the best engineers and consultants in the industry. These are the people serving as a multidisciplinary team helping some of the most successful organizations in the US.

We partner as your trusted advisors and guides.

According to Nicole, “We are at our best when customers let us in to understand what they are really trying to accomplish and then collaborate with us to assist them with their challenges.”

Customer experience starts from the first connection in the sales process. Our aim is to dig in and understand where you want to go with their business. What are your pain points?  We’ll come back with insights and direction on the best pathway to your goal. 

“Once a customer has decided to go forward,” explained Nicole, “our every effort is to provide the smoothest possible software transition.”    

Many of KETIV’s people have industry experience and understand well that a technical support issue—or not having the right tool for the job—can cause you to lose many hours, if not days. Their aim is to eliminate roadblocks for our customers. 

Your feedback is always welcome.

Our newly revised post-support call satisfaction survey is quick and easy. Complete the brief survey after you’ve consulted with any of our support staff—or anytime you want to give us feedback. Tell us what we’re doing well and what you feel we could do better. And, of course, you can always call us. We’re working to make your experience with KETIV the best it can be. Every time.

KETIV is a business consulting firm that helps people build better products by providing tools, training, and support to facilitate informed decisions in the earliest stages of development. Our clients are changing the world through innovation, clean technology, and sustainable design. Founded in 1983 as one of the first AutoCAD resellers in the country, KETIV is a leading Autodesk solutions partner, delivering comprehensive CAD/CAM software and services. KETIV has California offices in Brea, and San Jose and offices in Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and Phoenix, Arizona. An award-winning and recognized leader in our field, KETIV serves businesses across the country and around the world.

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