Protect Your Investment with the KETIV Assurance Plan

May 05, 2009

Today we all must take extra steps. At KETIV, we’re going the extra mile.

Businesses that support one another are getting even closer these days. You’re likely finding ways to be a more valuable partner to your clients. Like you, our relationships with clients are built upon trust and mutually beneficial end-goals. 

An investment in learning this year will pay huge dividends for you and your business in the years to come. We have confidence in our training and we trust your ability to succeed. That is why we are launching an initiative to take the risk out of your investment in training.

Take advantage of the new 'Protect Your Investment with KETIV Assurance Plan.'

  • Lose a trained engineer for any reason within 3 months of completion of training, and KETIV will train the replacement at no charge.
  • Out of work designers and engineers qualify for free software and training, and placement assistance under the terms and conditions of the Autodesk Assistance Program.

Now it makes even more sense to go to KETIV.

  • Autodesk Certification
  • Scheduled open enrollment and custom classes
  • KETIV U – On-going advanced classes
  • Certified Expert instructors
  • Authorized Training Center
  • Well-equipped classrooms and classes of 8 persons maximum to ensure quality personal attention.

The new 'Protect Your Investment with KETIV Assurance Plan' is the latest addition to our Full-Circle Service approach to client satisfaction. This Plan applies to regularly priced training. 

KETIV Technologies is a leading Autodesk solutions provider with 25 years' experience delivering CAD software and services in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Focused on the manufacturing, civil engineering and process plant industries, KETIV's team of industry experts increase the profitability of engineering companies by helping them simplify the process of conceptualization, design and production.