UPDATE: Autodesk Civil Latest Patches and Service Packs

Jul 06, 2009

Autodesk has released a few updates in the last month. As always, these are aimed at reducing crashes and improving the functionality of the programs. All service packs include previous updates and patches.

Civil and Civil 3D 2009 Update 3
A third service pack has been released for both Civil 2009 and Civil 3D 2009. This update primarily consists of the fixes addressed by AutoCAD 2009 Update 3. Click here to download Update 3 for Civil 2009 and Civil 3D 2009.
Map 3D 2009 Update 3
A third service pack has also been provided for Map 3D 2009. Update 3 resolves several issues, including reducing crashing, enhancing performance, repairing the survey tools, and improving interaction with AutoCAD objects, particularly when working with FDO. This service pack likewise includes AutoCAD 2009 Update 3 fixes. Download Update 3 by clicking here.
Raster Design 2010 Network Licensing Patch
Raster Design 2010 takes advantage of a new version of product licensing, which had the unforeseen side effect of requiring Raster Design to use the same type of licensing (network vs. stand-alone) as the product it was installed on (e.g., AutoCAD, Civil 3D). With this patch, you will now be able to have the familiar ability to install Raster Design 2010 as a network licensed product and have it work within stand-alone versions of AutoCAD, Civil 3D, etc. Click here to download this patch.

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