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Founded in 1983 as one of the first AutoCAD resellers in the country, KETIV is a trusted and respected partner for engineering and manufacturing firms in the West. We're a leading Autodesk® solutions provider with 30 years experience delivering digital prototyping software and services.

Our philosophy of service, presence, and involvement demands that we live and work near the people we serve. Our offices enable us to respond quickly, but more importantly, our training and hosted customer service events bring us closer to the professionals with whom we work regularly.

Jonathan Landeros

KETIV Employee Spotlight

The dedication of our staff and their award-winning business consultation drives our program to build community in our marketplace.

Jonathan Landeros

Jonathan is a busy member of our community. When he’s not teaching or troubleshooting he contributes to an online body of knowledge concerning all things Inventor. A self-described Autodesk Inventor and Showcase Geek, Jonathan's specialties include Autodesk Inventor, Vault Product line, Macrovision FlexLM products, Autodesk Showcase, Experience using, InventorCAM Product Line, Camtasia Studio by Techsmith. He is an active member of Autodesk User Group International (AUGI).

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Actually, this is your community. Discover the many ways to become involved with movers and shakers in your field. From one-on-one training events to an online academy, KETIV is invested in your future.

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We share information and talent freely

We recommend and assist in the selection of Autodesk solutions based on their needs

We provide training that's dependable, efficient, and tested in the real world

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