Dec 07, 2010
Nicole Morris

Add Connection Point to an Existing Component

Applies to:  AutoCAD Electrical


I need to add a connection point to an existing component for a special case


Use the Conversion Tools, Add Geometry and Add Connection Points.
1. Draw geometry and accompanying pin number using AutoCAD text command.  All on 0 layer.









2. On the Conversion Tools tab>Tools Panel> select Add Geometry.
3. Select the existing block on a drawing.
4. Select new geometry to add (don’t pick the pin number and description just yet).
5. Select the insertion point of the block.  To select the same one as before, hold Shift and Rt click, select Insert from the menu (or type INS), select the block again.

6. This new geometry should be added to your block.
To add wire connections to your component

1. On the Conversion Tools tab>Tools Panel> select Add Wire Connections.
2. Select the blocks Tag text.
3. If you haven’t drawn a wire yet, type P to pick the location for the wire.
4. Hold Shift and Rt click, select appropriate object snap for your connection point.
5. You will see a dialog box to ask which direct the wire should come from.
6. Select TERM0X text object, select pin number text you created, Enter.
7. Repeat for additional connections or Enter again to exit.