Jul 09, 2009
Nicole Morris

Catalog Subassemblies

Applies to:  AutoCAD Electrical 2010


Some electrical components are shown as a single schematic symbol on a drawing but represent a list of components on a bill of materials.  


Find the Component on your drawing.  Select the component, right click and select Edit Component.  In the Catalog Data Area select Lookup.  Select the catalog entry and select Edit in the bottom of the dialog.

Designate the Main Assembly
Select the check box for As main->subassembly, Enter a Unique code in the ASSEMBLYCODE field (often the Catalog Number), select OK.

Create List Items
To create a new list item, enter your item information and include the Count if it is other than one.  Select the check box for As subassembly, enter the exact same code used for the Main Assembly in the ASSEMBLYCODE field, select Ok.

Note:  Your assembly list items will not show unless you check the option, Subasembly values in pullowns in the Parts Catalog LookUp dialog.

Check your Work
Highlight your component in the Parts Catalog Lookup dialog.  Select Catalog Check.  You should see a list including your main assembly component and all of the list items and their quantities.

For printable pdf version click here.