Nov 29, 2010
Nicole Morris

Modify Components

Applies to:  AutoCAD Electrical


I would like to modify a standard or custom component.


Modify Existing Components

  • Write down the name of the block.  You can use AutoCAD’s List to list the block definition name.  Be sure the block exists in one of the library locations or your custom symbols location.
  • Launch the Symbol Builder
  • Enter or Browse for the name of the block
  • select Ok

The objects, insertion point and template should already be selected for you.

  • Make necessary adjustments
  • Close Block Editor
  • Ok to save and Yes to Redefine the block.

Important!  If this block has been previously used in any drawings, it is necessary to use Swap/Update Block, Option B, Update Block either on the current drawing or across any projects that are using that existing block.  This will update the definition that is local to drawings in a project.

The Icon Menu will not need to be updated for this option unless the screen capture looks so different that you will not recognize it.  It will pull in the right block as long as you did the Swap/Update block to update the local definitions.