Sep 07, 2010
Nicole Morris

Combine Schematic and Pneumatic Reports

Applies to:  AutoCAD® Electrical 2011 and AutoCAD® Electrical 2010


I would like to combine the Pneumatic and/or Hydraulic items show up on the Bill of Materials with the Schematic Components.


When creating a Bill of Materials report, AutoCAD Electrical gives you the flexibility to separate by category.  This allows you to have a separate Bill of Materials for One-Line, One-Line Bus Tap Pneumatic, Hydraulic and P&ID Components.

 In order to combine Pneumatic and/or Hydraulic with the main Schematic Bill of Materials, it first helps to understand how they are separated.

An Attribute call WDTYPE has values that refer to each type of Bill of Materials.  While schematic will be blank…

 You can right click a component individually and Edit Component >Show/Edit Miscellaneous, remove or modify this value from the WDTYPE field.

A faster way to perform modify this field across your entire project is to use Export To Spreadsheet and Import From Spreadsheet tools

• Select Export To Spreadsheet, select the Component category.  The data will be exported to an excel spreadsheet. 
• Open the file in excel and remove or modify the values in the WDTYPE column.  Save and Close the file.

• Then Import from Spreadsheet to update the data in the drawing.
• Rerun your Schematic Bill of Materials to see the combined result.