Mar 30, 2011
Jorge Fernandez

Exporting models from Inventor to Algor

Applies to:  Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Algor


My Inventor assembly model has a very large number of components and takes long to open in Algor using the Mesh Add-in.  How do I improve the performance?


If your model is very large in size or part quantity, and especially if you have many small features like small holes compared to the overall size, it could take a long time to translate; therefore, here are two things to consider doing.

1) If you are using Inventor, before you transfer it to Algor make a new Shrinkwrap Level of detail to bring down the file size and possibly even remove small holes that may be irrelevant to the FEA analysis, when looking at the overall size of the model.

• Go to Representations
• Right click on LOD and select New Substitute, and Shrinkwrap
• Then retry to use the Mesh tool






2) Save the part or assembly out to a STP file (step file).
• Save Copy As
• Change the Files of Type to STEP

To open the file in Algor, go to Open and change the Files of Type to STEP
Note: This can also be used for the shrinkwrap part created as long as Separate bodies were created.









3) Lastly, you can try the Feature Control option in the Add-Ins tab







This will allow you to choose features of parts inside of the assembly and suppress them.

To use the tool you will need to scroll down and select the parts that you want to suppress features for.  Otherwise you can click on the top level assembly and scroll the feature suppression bar to the right to let it suppress features.