Jun 18, 2009
Nicole Morris

How to Use Assembly Folders

Applies to:  Inventor 2010


  • What is an Assembly Folder
  • What is the Benefit of Using Assembly Folders
  • How do I use Assembly Folders


An Assembly Folder is a folder that is created in the assembly browser. You can place components in this folder or drag components to and from folders to gather similar components together.

Using Assembly Folders reduces the number components sitting at the top level of your assembly level browser, and makes a cleaner environment that is easier to navigate.


Create New Folder

1.  Open an assembly file
2.  Right click in the white area of  your assembly browser and select 'Create New Folder'.  Enter a name for this folder.
3.  Drag Components from the main level of your browser and drop them on a file.
4.  Select the + or – to expand and collapse.
5.  If you need to access the parts, you can still expand the folder, and expose the components inside the assembly folder. Once you see them, you can access them just like you did before.

Add to New Folder

1.  Highlight one or more components in your assembly browser using Ctrl or Shift.
2.  Right click and select ‘Add to New Folder’
3.  Enter a name for your new folder and the selected files will be added to a new folder.

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