Aug 27, 2009
Nicole Morris

Modeling View In Assembly for Troubleshooting

Applies to:  Inventor 2010 and all previous releases


If you experience a problem with newly added constraints or continue to receive the same constraint errors, it could be useful to see all the components constraints in one location.


At the top of the Browser switch the view to Modeling View and note that there is now a folder at the top of the browser called Constraints.  Expand this folder and you can see all of the constraints for all components at the current level.  They should be listed in the order created.

Here are some troubleshooting suggestions:

  • Look through the list to see if there are any errors and suppress or delete these constraints
  • If the problem is new, try suppressing the last couple of constraints on the list
  • To see what components are involved with that constraint, hover over a constraints icon
  • This browser view also shows the features for each component, so you can use Selection Priority, select features to locate features from the model

For printable pdf version click here.