Mar 15, 2012
Nicole Morris

Set the Default Project Folder

Applies to:  AutoCAD Electrical


I would like to relocate the default Project path.


The first step is to determine where your Environment file or WD.env file resides.  To do so, you can right click on your active project in AutoCAD Electrical and select Settings…  In this dialog, you will see a list of

In this dialog, you will see a list of all the paths that are set in your Environment file.   The 3rd line will indicate the location of your wd.env file.  Select the Environment file at the bottom of this dialog box and it will take you to the file.  Once the file is located, you can edit the file in Notepad.exe. 

Modify the project path highlighted below.  Replace only what is between the commas.  For example…

WD_PROJ,F:/KETIV Projects/,AutoCAD Electrical Default projects folder


Save the notepad file.  Close the AutoCAD Electrical program and reopen to make the changes take effect.  Now new projects you create will be in this folder by default.  You can move existing project folders into this folder as well.