Oct 05, 2012
Jorge Fernandez

Simulation 360 Bundle - Get Started

Applies to : Autodesk Simulation 360

Challenge :

We just received our software for the Simulation 360 bundle.  How do I activate and use the network version and the Cloud version?

Solution :

For one seat of the bundle you actually have a network license each of Simulation Mechanical and CFD as well as Simulation 360 license.

For the network license

You can request a license file from Autodesk at:

Orr you can go to the following link to see your options to obtain a license file:

For the Sim 360 license:

When you install the product you will not be asked for a serial number or product key.

When you are finished installing and you start up the program you will be prompted to log into your Autodesk 360 account.  If you haven’t created an account yet you can create one by clickon on Have an Autodesk ID?

For more info and videos please visit the Autodesk Wikihelp site at:

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