Oct 04, 2010
Jonathan Landeros

Warning Dialog Box using iLogic

Applies to:  Autodesk Inventor 2011


I'd like to create a dialog box advising me of important design criteria, when that component is opened or placed in an assembly.


Using iLogic, a dialog box can be quickly created using the following code.  Click here to view a demonstration.

**The included example shows a warning that the enclosure being placed is for indoor use only.

Note: Items preceded by an asterisk (') are comments. 

'This command displays the message box.

'Parentesis start with "Dialog box message", "Dialog Box Title", Display 'OK' Button, display explanation icon

MessageBox.Show("NOTE!  This is a NEMA 12 enclosure rated for indoor use only.  Equivalent outdoor unit is Hoffman P/N A16H1206ALLP!", "Detail Advisory",MessageBoxButtons.OK,MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation)