May 19, 2010
Jorge Fernandez

What happened to Feature recognition for Inventor 2011?

Applies To : Inventor 2011


In Inventor 2011, you import a file other than Inventor such as Solidworks®, Step, Pro-E, or IGES, when you double click on the base1 to edit using feature recognition, but instead it wants to take you to Inventor Fusion.


If you are not yet familiar with Inventor Fusion and wish to continue using Inventor’s feature recognition from Autodesk Labs, you will want to download the latest version from, and then in Inventor 2011 go to Tools>Application Options, and on the “Part” tab go to the lower left hand corner where you will find “Edit Base Solids using,” and choose “Legacy Solid Edit environment.”  The change will take effect immediately upon opening a new part, there is no need to reboot or restart Inventor.